McAfee antivirus software has been extremely simple and smooth for the clients to utilize. The course of installation, update, reinstallation everything connected with McAfee has generally been simple and smooth for the users. Yet, we can’t deny the way that there are such countless features that are with the activities of the product. Here, we will see data with respect to the operations of one of the elements the most well-known feature that is used by individuals utilizing this product is the real-time security feature.

If the McAfee protection include is alarming you, all things considered, you should admire specific things and afterward, you should see the specific reason for the issue so that further you will actually want to deal with its fix. There can be many explanations behind this issue here we will examine those all so read the underneath section carefully.

Remove Already Installed Antivirus

  • Uninstall another software program running on the device
  • Next you need to uninstall the software program from the computer
  • Now restart the computer
  • After this, you need to reinstall the software program on the computer
  • Now follow the underneath steps;
  • Please open the McAfee antivirus software program
  • After this click the “speedometer icon”
  • Click on “Application uninstaller”
  • Next, click on “start scan”
  • After this find “Intel Rapid storage”
  • Now click on the “checkbox”
  • After this, choose “uninstall selected”

There is another method by which you can remove the antivirus follow the underneath steps to perform it;

  • Click on the Windows button
  • Next, from the search bar enter “services. MSc”
  • After this, click on “Run as administrator”
  • In the next step right-click the PC security management service
  • Now, click on “properties”
  • Click on the “recovery tab”
  • After this, restart the service
  • Next, click on “Apply “and next click on “ok”
  • In the McAfee app click on “enable protection”

If you need to know more about the McAfee antivirus program and its issues and solutions, try to connect with the McAfee support number team, a team of experts available round the clock to figure out the issues and provide apt solutions.

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